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What is CPU

What is CPU  CPU(central processing unit) It handles the processors of computers and executes them by working on them.How good the processor will be is its speed as well and is based on memory.It is the most important part of the computer and is very good for process control.
The processor looks like the photo below.
It can execute a lot of processes simultaneously but they do not execute simultaneously in reality.The computer is the most powerful, without it, the computer cannot survive without a type.It full name of cpu is control processor unit.It is very easy to be made of small components, you can do many things at once.
Most Some Points of CPU CPU is very expensiveIt is most popular devices of computerCPU a device to execute one by one programCPU Depends on multitasking It is small devices of computerAir conditioner is needed above the CPU because cool itProcessor chip has many headsCPU is based on generationThe i9 generation of CPU is running.It is most Powerfull…
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How to Make a YouTube Channel

How to Make a YouTube Channel         Google is big platform for make and start for your fashion.Google gives us a platform on which we can upload videos, its name is YouTube, on it we can show our creativity and can also tell our passion and improve our talent, there are very good people there on you tube.

To create a YouTube channel you need to follow the steps given below.

Step 1:  First create you Gmail id (i am suggest business) Step 2: Search Google on type "YouTube" Step 3:  After Go to right corner and sign in Step 4: After go to your profile photo Step 5: Go to right corner and press Upload your video  Step 6: Upload time some setting are save and after upload   Follow the steps given above and follow them so that one of your channels can be successfully created and videos can be uploaded so that you can show your talent on Google and share information. Please read his term and condition before putting the video on YouTube.Google's YouTube sleeps its different ter…

Generation of Computer

Generation of Computer    Computer start Something happened a few years ago.It this point step here.As the age grows,so does the technology further.Generation of computers in general is divided into four parts.
First Generation(1942-1956)-                                                             Vacuum Tubes are used inside this generation.It is very large computer at this time and is more expensive.It is considered like a very big hole.It took too much time to make and it cost a lot of money, which made it very expensive and we also know it to be through a vacuum tube.

It is made by vacuum tube Its date ran from 1942 to 1956 it was very popular and the man earns in punching cards etc. Second Generation(1957-1965)                                                                 Made from 1957 to 1956, it was considered a phase of transistor and its use was gradually eliminated, it was very popular and was very good in speed, in which the size of the computer was slightly reduce…

How to Create a Blog on Google

How to Create a Blog on Google  Google is best platform for Starting your idea.Google gives us a good environment to start any work.In this way, we provide the best platform to build a site,we call it blog.
Let's i show you to Create an account on a blog and will also tell to do on work.Please follow the given below.
Step 1: Firstly create an account on google.

Step 2: After create an account you search google address bar in "google blogger"

Step 3: Go to Right Button on Sign And create account

Step 4: Go create a blog click

Step 5: Start your work

 Before posting on google,Please read its term and condition

Please post good things,write well,its benefits to youadd to education alsoyou can also tell about the internet and tell related things to themYou can tell about career selectionYou can also provide good informationYou can start a good businessYou can also add study materialDo not post wrongly and do not post youth in any wrongDo not post…

Input output Devices of Computer

Input output Devices of Computer  Many Types of input output devices but we are show you main input output devices by the way most commonly are use this devices

Mouse Keyboard Printer/ Scanner Monitor PendriveTuchpadTuchpadWlan/router  etc are many types of input output devices are used.

1. Mouse                   It is a small devices but we can mostly used it.Mouse basically is used in desktop for monitoring(cursor).

2. Keybord
                  It is use for typing and monitor of a computer.This devices is mostly are used is input devices type of in cpu.

3. Printer/Scanner
                 This devices is Most commonly are used and is most popular method for use amd scanner is basically are use for input data in soft copy.Scanner/printer is used a lot.

4. Monitor 
                  This devices are used for commonly for show data and retrieve data and show user.User mostly/mainly are used this devices by the way this devices are output devices.

5. Pendrive

Types of Computer

Types of Computer             Computers are divided into many different types of various but we mainly have four types of computer are read. Most of the four types of computer are used in our daily life,we use these computer for our us.Take it to save time for work.
Super ComputerMini frame ComputerMicro ComputerMain computer Desktop laptop Mobile We will Understand the above points and DISCUSS
1. Super Computer                                          Super Computer is a very powerful Computer and many user can work on it and it's performance is very good.The future of super Computer is going to Come in future Computers.
So far it is Used very rarely.
2. Mini frame Computer -                                                       This Computer is of little use,it is used by  a very large copmany for data processing and store data.

A small used for this.
3. Micro computer-                                              It is taken in a way for input output device and …

Best Laptops For Programming

Best Laptops For Programming There are also very good laptops coming in this world nowadays,but sorting one of them is a difficult task,So i will tell you good laptops.Laptops are different according to each requirement,shorting out the laptops that work in them is a better way.
I am telling you 5 laptops may be good according to your  requirement.If you like ,you can buy from here and start you programming.
Best 5 laptops here for programing
  1. Apple MacBook Air (13-inch,8GB RAM, 128GB Storage, 1.8GHz Intel Core i5) - Silver 2. Lenovo Legion Y540 9th Gen Intel Core i5 15.6 inch (8GB/512GB  4GB Graphics/Windows 10)  3. ASUS TUF  FX505DY-BQ002T 15.6-inch FHD Laptop (Windows 10/4GB), Black      4. HP 14-inch Laptop (9th Gen A4-9125/4GB/1TB HDD  5. Dell Inspiron 3585 Laptop 15.6-inch FHD Laptop--AMD Ryzen 3-2200U | 8GB RAM | 1TB  These laptops are best pogramming language  

1Apple MacBook Air (13-inch,8GB RAM, 128GB Storage, 1.8GHz Intel Core i5) - Sil…