Generation of Computer

       Generation of Computer

   Computer start Something happened a few years ago.It this point step here.As the age grows,so does the technology further.Generation of computers in general is divided into four parts.

First Generation(1942-1956)-

                                                            Vacuum Tubes are used inside this generation.It is very large computer at this time and is more expensive.It is considered like a very big hole.It took too much time to make and it cost a lot of money, which made it very expensive and we also know it to be through a vacuum tube.

  • It is made by vacuum tube 
  • Its date ran from 1942 to 1956
  •  it was very popular and the man earns in punching cards etc.

Second Generation(1957-1965)

                                                                Made from 1957 to 1956, it was considered a phase of transistor and its use was gradually eliminated, it was very popular and was very good in speed, in which the size of the computer was slightly reduced.
  • It was made by transistors.
  • It was very small in size and the transistors were very small, making the computer site very small.
  • In second generation, computers have a different status, their size was still needed in them.

Third Generation(1965-1972)

                                                             Generation of computer integrated circuits within third generation.What happened to someone was that all the transitors were put in the same integrated circuit, this would make their size much smaller.
  • They had come in small sizes to a great extent, yet they were yet to be made.
  • His phase was also quite good, but his two did not last long.
  • It was quite popular and unique

Fourth generation(1972-on worlds)

                                                                         This phase was also on a very big integrated circuit and became quite popular with them but it had come down to a very small size.This phase is going on till today, it has very small components like transistors, diodes etc.

  • This generation are go to on words
  • This generation is most popular generation
  • In generation very small size computer 

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