How to Create a Blog on Google

                             How to Create a Blog on Google 

Google is best platform for Starting your idea.Google gives us a good environment to start any work.In this way, we provide the best platform to build a site,we call it blog.

Let's i show you to Create an account on a blog and will also tell to do on work.Please follow the given below.

Step 1: Firstly create an account on google.


Step 2: After create an account you search google address bar in "google blogger"

Step 3: Go to Right Button on Sign And create account

Step 4: Go create a blog click
Step 5: Start your work

 Before posting on google,Please read its term and condition

  • Please post good things,write well,its benefits to you
  • add to education also
  • you can also tell about the internet and tell related things to them
  • You can tell about career selection
  • You can also provide good information
  • You can start a good business
  • You can also add study material
  • Do not post wrongly and do not post youth in any wrong
  • Do not post any sexual content
  • Can you a little bit about google 
Please read Google;s term and condition before posting anything,Google does not allow content that not follow Google  rules.With Google blog,you can start a good business,you can extend your site,it also benefits to you.         

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