How to Make a YouTube Channel

    How to Make a YouTube Channel 

       Google is big platform for make and start for your fashion.Google gives us a platform on which we can upload videos, its name is YouTube, on it we can show our creativity and can also tell our passion and improve our talent, there are very good people there on you tube.

To create a YouTube channel you need to follow the steps given below.

Step 1:  First create you Gmail id (i am suggest business)

Step 2: Search Google on type "YouTube"

Step 3:  After Go to right corner and sign in

Step 4: After go to your profile photo

Step 5: Go to right corner and press Upload your video 

Step 6: Upload time some setting are save and after upload

  Follow the steps given above and follow them so that one of your channels can be successfully created and videos can be uploaded so that you can show your talent on Google and share information.
Please read his term and condition before putting the video on YouTube.Google's YouTube sleeps its different term conditions on a different platform, but all the same applies but I tell you in some terms and conditions that you will be aware.
  • You can not upload iligal content on youtube
  • You cannot upload copyrighted videos. Your monetization will make the difference
  • You have to verify mobile, for that you can upload thumbnail and can come online
  • You can not copy videos from YouTube
  • Do you have to follow the Community Guidelines
I tell you good things to make YouTube channel popular
  • you are make proper thumbnail
  • Best and good name your youTube 
  • Make nice logo of you tube 
If you play a good video on YouTube, then you will get a very good income from Google Adsense.
For that you will have to follow the guidelines of Google Adsense and if you are eligible, you will get the approval of Adsense on your YouTube channel and post good videos after getting uploaded.

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