Input output Devices of Computer

                 Input output Devices of Computer

 Many Types of input output devices but we are show you main input output devices by the way most commonly are use this devices

  • Mouse 
  • Keyboard 
  • Printer/ Scanner 
  • Monitor
  •  Pendrive
  • Tuchpad
  • Tuchpad
  • Wlan/router
 etc are many types of input output devices are used.

1. Mouse
                  It is a small devices but we can mostly used it.Mouse basically is used in desktop for monitoring(cursor).

2. Keybord
                  It is use for typing and monitor of a computer.This devices is mostly are used is input devices type of in cpu.

3. Printer/Scanner
                 This devices is Most commonly are used and is most popular method for use amd scanner is basically are use for input data in soft copy.Scanner/printer is used a lot.

4. Monitor 
                  This devices are used for commonly for show data and retrieve data and show user.User mostly/mainly are used this devices by the way this devices are output devices.

5. Pendrive
                   this devices are use of lot.Pendrive are used for data.One place to another place by this devices.

6. Tuchpad
                   This devices used for input data and its provide for a simple manner of this input data.It is simple to understand this devices.

7. Joystick
                   This is input devices.Joystick are use basically play for the is a input devices.

                        We are use of this devices for access of a internet network.

Its provide path of an internet and it is Mostly commonly use this devices.

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