Types of Computer

                Types of Computer 

           Computers are divided into many different types of various but we mainly have four types of computer are read. Most of the four types of computer are used in our daily life,we use these computer for our us.Take it to save time for work.

  • Super Computer
  • Mini frame Computer
  • Micro Computer
  • Main computer 
  • Desktop 
  • laptop 
  • Mobile
We will Understand the above points and DISCUSS

1. Super Computer

                                         Super Computer is a very powerful Computer and many user can work on it and it's performance is very good.The future of super Computer is going to Come in future Computers.

So far it is Used very rarely.

2. Mini frame Computer -

                                                      This Computer is of little use,it is used by  a very large copmany for data processing and store data.

A small used for this.

3. Micro computer-

                                             It is taken in a way for input output device and for processing it.It is also found in fine money.

These computers use and for central processing unit and do yheir processing.

4. Main Computer

                                         This is used for larger database and work on it or processing it.

It is used on a large scale of companies,the above work is done,it is very useful for companies.

5. Desktop

                           We do all the work on the Desktop screen ,it does a lot of processing on the screen and it provide to a simple manner to execute all work.

6. Laptop-
                   We are know about this computer and it provides to best environment.

Any place are to execute this process.  

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