What is CPU

                What is CPU

  CPU(central processing unit) It handles the processors of computers and executes them by working on them.How good the processor will be is its speed as well and is based on memory.It is the most important part of the computer and is very good for process control.

The processor looks like the photo below.

It can execute a lot of processes simultaneously but they do not execute simultaneously in reality.The computer is the most powerful, without it, the computer cannot survive without a type.It full name of cpu is control processor unit.It is very easy to be made of small components, you can do many things at once.

Most Some Points of CPU
  • CPU is very expensive
  • It is most popular devices of computer
  • CPU a device to execute one by one program
  • CPU Depends on multitasking 
  • It is small devices of computer
  • Air conditioner is needed above the CPU because cool it
  • Processor chip has many heads
  • CPU is based on generation
  • The i9 generation of CPU is running.
  • It is most Powerfull COMPONENTS
  • Were previously made of transistors
CPU is most popular components and it is large size previous generations.Here the primary memory works and loaded from the hard disk, the main memory comes on which it works and the Execute Suite.it is most powerfull speed for procees program execute.