What is Internet

                                             What is Internet

                Internet is basically communication between client or server and it provide a interface between into communication.

Does the Whole connect the global network,provide Information.

Advantage of Internet 
                                       Internet has many benefits and in this world,it is also the Internet.
  • From the Internet,we can have one device and communicate with another device
  • We can receive information from internet
  • Can secure data can be accessed from one place to another on the internet
  • Many of tits benefits such as online shopping
  • We can quickly access information and data
  • Network security is the medium of sending more message and sending
   Group of  Many different types of network are called networks.

Disadvantage of Internet
                                           Many types of Internet are misuse

  • A illegal information are leaked 
  • Internet are use for cyber crime 
  • Children should stay away from the internet,this is how they are getting
  • False rumor talk from the internet can spread quickly
  • A third person in the middle also listens when a data is transferred from one place to another
  • No data is easily deleted on the internet.
  • We are at risk of data Leaked
  • Internet is a different world please avoid

Whatever happens there are two sides to every coin so internet has it's uses and disadvantage.We should stay away from it.

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