America Update: No electricity No water America is fighting a tremendous cold

Dangerous icy storms in America’s Texas and Mexico have made the situation grim. So far 21 people have died in the midst of continuous snowfall.

America Update No electricity No water America is fighting a tremendous cold
without electricity in tremendous cold, Texas alone in Electricity and water supply is badly affected. The weather is constantly bad in tremendous cold

America Update: More than 44 million of the population are closed to homes without electricity in Texas alone. Electricity and water supply are badly affected in more than 100 counties in Texas. People have been asked to boil water and drink.

Here more than 200 roads have been blocked. Vaccination centers have also been closed in these areas. National guards have been deployed to save the lives of the elderly. Air services have been discontinued in Texas and Houston.

America Update is fighting a tremendous cold

More than 10 million population of America is chilling in the snow. In Texas, frequent icy storms have severely affected electricity production. The state power grid continues to malfunction.

Gas and oil pipelines have been frozen here. More than eight thousand vaccine doses deteriorated due to a lack of electricity supply.

Will impact 44 million people

More than one crore population in America has been faced with the danger of avoiding the tremendous cold. In Texas itself, more than 44 million of the population have been forced to remain imprisoned in homes without electricity. More than two hundred routes and air services are completely closed.

So far, 21 people have died in Texas, Louisiana, Kentucky, and Missouri. A family was found dead in the garage while trying to get heat in the car. In another incident, the house caught fire while trying to heat it. More You Like It Prabhas and Mahesh Upcoming Movie

weather is constantly bad

The weather is constantly bad, The same situation persists in Mississippi and Minnesota. The Meteorological Department has again warned of storms in Texas, Arkansas, and Mississippi.

President Joe Biden(@ Twitter) issued a statement saying that he willfully help the states passing through the trouble. The entire area from Ohio to the Rio Grande has been covered in snow and tremendous cold sheets due to the icy storm.  America Update is Temperatures in Lincoln and Nebraska have gone below minus 31 degrees.

The situation is not good in Texas as well as Mexico. Here in northern Mexico, a single-day blackout in factories caused a loss of $ 2.7 billion (about 19 thousand crores). The storm has caused the most damage to the industry. The index of producing factories has said that 2600 industries are affected by the storm.


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