Android 12: android 12 release date in India, Download and Install, New Features and Updates

We have come a long way in the world of one, now Android 12 has been announced recently by Google. Which is very next level it is going to be released very soon.

Android 12 android 12 release date in India, Download and Install, New Features and Name
Android 12’s launch date in India is approx 24 august 2021 and you will get it to install on your Mobile.

New Features of Android 12

Updates Android 12 Changes
Release Date ~24 August 2021 Last Days In August
New UI Hardware Ecosystems Deep Design
Redesigned widgets Refreshed App Widgets Interactive Controls
Performance Reduced The CPU Time Media Use-Cases
Private by design More transparency and control Privacy Features
App Compatibility Early-adopter Platform Stability
location Approximate location location precision

Whatever expectation we had from Google for mobile in Android 12, Google has added many more to it, which is a lot interesting.

What are the hidden features of Android?

  1. Game Mode
  2. Stretch overscroll
  3. Performance class
  4. App hibernation
  5. Nearby device permission

1. Game Mode

API mode has been given in the game inside it and the game has been optimized. Attention has been paid to its characteristics.

The performance of its battery life has also been increased. Inside Android 12, you will find its setting very good, the game’s accordion.

2. Stretch overscroll

They have made the visual elements stretchable inside the scroll. The drag that comes with the bounce-back has also been slightly improved and its agency has been impacted slightly.

The animation has also been slightly improved. But it is believed that it will come as soon as Android 11 and they have announced this official only.

3. Performance class

  • Media
  • Camera
  • Generic

These things have been slightly improved and it is made according to the requirement, its quality is considered very good, in android.

4. App Search

App search has also been introduced inside the mobile in Android 12. The app search engine has been greatly improved regarding high-profile devices.

The very good thing inside this is that a very good relationship has been made inside the app search and client app. In which lists of items have been prepared according to the documents and the user in android.

5. Nearby device permission

New things have been added inside the nearby permissions such as Bluetooth can be connected to this app through WiFi. Your app can’t drive your physical location. any information it and know about more check sources info.

If you want to permit any app, your exit location will be transferred to you and you can also transfer to other in android 12.

How to Download and Install Android 12

For now, this update is coming inside Google’s Pixel mobile, but after a few days, it is saying that the official will release only as far as August 25.

A confirmed release date is coming, for now, it is getting updated and installed inside the mobile of Pixel. But after a few days, Google will officially come inside all the mobiles, after that you will be able to do install android 12 easily.

What phones will get Android 12?

  • Pixel 3
  • Pixel 3 XL
  • Pixel 3a
  • Pixel 3a XL
  • Pixel 4
  • Pixel 4 XL
  • Pixel 4a
  • Pixel 4a (5G)
  • Pixel 5

Pixels will get Android 12 and install and update this mobile. It is available only on Google’s mobiles, but it will come inside all mobiles after a few days after the official release.

Its beta version has been updated because it can not be finalized yet due to some security reasons.

What is Android 12 Name called? and Update

Not Confirm Android 12 Name called, for now, A lot will be seen in this because in this we can do our own costumes, together we can also set.

Because for now it is not officially released. So it is not finally confirmed, hence it is not named.

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