BGMI: BGIS tournament Last Date registration date, Requirements and Rules, Invited Teams and Prize Pool

BGMI is last registration date of BGIS has arrived, after that this tournament will start from about the 1st week of December. The official start date is also coming.

BGMI BGIS tournament Last Date registration date, Requirements and Rules, Invited Teams
The tournament’s Last Date registration date is Early. When did BGIS start and Which invited teams in BGIS and How do you qualify for BGIS?

BGIS tournament Last Date registration date

Article BGIS tournament registration
Last Date registration date 28 November 2021
Invited Teams Check Below
Prize Money Rs. 1,00,000,00
Tournament Requirements Citizen of India
Age Limit 16 Years or More
Official Website Check Now

BGIS tournament Last Date registration date is early. Its registration form has been started for now so that if you have not registered then now is the time to fill the form.

When did BGIS start?

After this, its official tournament will start, after that, the best teams of India will fight amongst themselves and among them will be winners.

It will have online qualifiers because underdogs will also get a chance in this tournament, so it is believed that this tournament will be very important.

Why is BGIS delayed?

You all will know that all these registrations were stopped because the hackers had a lot of influence on the tournaments of BGMI.
That’s why this BGIS was delayed, now its registration has been opened again, due to which you have to register in some time.

1 Frequently asked questions

1.1 How do I participate in BGMI esports?

For you to participate in BGMI eSports, you must first register it inside the official website. After that, you will be fed this selected.

You can apply and give your tryouts by visiting its official web. Maybe you can play competitively in those 16 teams.

1.2 How do you qualify for BGIS?

There are going to be 2-3 processes in this. Inside which it is believed that the Invited Teams and Qualifiers Teams will fight amongst themselves. Whoever wins will get the BGIS Cup.

1.3 What is the price for BGMI tournament?

Its prize money is Rs. 1,00,000,00 which is huge prize money in itself. There seems to be some way of dividing it among all the teams, in which 16 teams will be given prizes and MVP players will be given award money.

As shown above, the prize money will be divided into 16 teams in this way. Inside this, some MVP players will also be given prize money, after which it will be worth Rs. 1,00,000,00 will be divided.

1.4 BGIS invited teams

Within this, some invited teams will directly get entry into the Grands Final, due to which it is believed that some internationally played teams may get an invitation.

  • GodLike Esports
  • S8UL
  • TSM
  • IND

Few such teams will get entry into the direct grand finals. Some underdogs and some qualifying teams will come and play, which will play the entire 16 teams.

1.5 Prize pool of BGMI tournament

Its prize pool is going to be a prize pool of 1 crore, which will be of 16 teams, and inside it you will also get the prize money of its MVP player.

You will find the prize pool of its tournament on its official website. Also, you will get its proper distribution of teams and MVP players.

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