BGMI Bootcamp – Best Gaming Bootcamp In India, BGMI Biggest Gaming house and Facility

You might know of some bootcamps and gaming houses. India’s best players also play in them, Esports has grown a lot in India.

BGMI Bootcamp - Best Gaming Bootcamp In India, BGMI Biggest Gaming house and Facility
The S8UL gaming house is worth around $1M which shows that it has the biggest and expansive gaming content.

Best Gaming House And Bootcamp In India

Gaming House Gaming Bootcamp Players Cost(approx)
Biggest Gaming House S8UL 15-20 $ 1m
Most expensive House S8UL/GE 15-20/12 $1m/$350k-400k
Best Gaming  TSM Entity Not Con. Not Reveal
Most Lavish Gaming RED OWL 10-15 Not Confirm
Most luxurious House S8UL/Total G. 15-20/8 Not Reveal
Best facility House S8UL/TSM/R.O. Soon Not Confirm

You will be surprised to know that this gaming house, motivates a lot of players. It helps a lot in playing esports.

About Of Gaming House and Bootcamp

1. S8UL

According to the reports, this house is worth $1M which is believed to be the largest and most expensive facility (@S8UL) inside India.

You will get complete details about this on their YouTube channel so that you can know it comfortably. It takes according to skill, Also if your skill is good then maybe you can join it.

2. TSM Entity

Its tour was once revealed by Ghatak. If you want to join the entity then it depends on your skill. You will get its full tour right now on the Ghatak Youtube channel.

Recently, Jonathan has revealed about some new organization that he can go to the new Bootcamp. Maybe they can open their own new organization.

3. GE (Global-Esports)

It has not been fully explored yet, some hints have been given about it. But its work is believed to be in progress for now.

You will also find this on their official Bootcamp Global-Esports channel, but a lot has been told about it. Through some of their Youtubers that you will get to see.

4. Total Gaming

You’ll find this inside a building that’s believed to be quite large. From which you will get to see that it is also counted in the most facility.

You will get to see this on Ajay’s YouTube channel, very good players play inside it. It is believed that it is yet to be revised further. Along with this, its Lite version version is also going to be launched.

Which is the biggest gaming house in India?

The biggest gaming house in India is S8UL, the most luxurious house. It has a lot of good gamers inside and some esports players also live in it like Mortal and Movi & Scout e.t.c.

It also provides you with very good facilities and is believed to be the most expensive inside India. If you want to join this, then you have to show your skills before this, after that, you can join.

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