BGMI Conqueror: How to get reach Conqueror in BGMI, High BGMI rank list and tier list with points, Push rank

As you know, after the release of this BGMI game, people have started pushing the ranks. There has been a lot of competition in the ranking of Conqueror.

How to get reach Conqueror in BGMI, Rank and tier list with points, Push
Ace Master and Ace Dominator in BGMI Official new addition within new update after release game. Get Rich Conqueror In-Game.

BGMI Rank List And Tier List With Points

BGMI Rank List BGMI Points BGMI Lite Points
Bronze 1200 1200
Silver V 1700 1700
Gold 2200 2200
Platinum 2700 2700
Diamond 3200 3200
Crown 3700 3700
Ace 4200 4200
Ace Master 4700 Not Confirm
Ace Dominator 5200 Not Confirm
Conqueror Top 500 Players Top 500 Players

The BGMI update has just arrived in July, after that some new tiers have been added. Due to which the ranking and points have gone.

Ace Master and Ace Dominator in BGMI Official new addition within new update after release game. Let me Know About get rich Conqueror and how to push.

How To Get High Rich Conqueror In BGMI

  • If you want to rank a conqueror in the squad then you should play with a good squad.
  • You don’t want to take the fight in the beginning, so it’s important to land safely.
  • Tell your friends that I will kill all the boats, this will push your rank quickly.
  • When you do the rush, you should rush in that house with complete strategy.
  • You can push rank wherever you find a safe zone.
  • If you have a rush, you should be all set, And want to win the fight.
  • You can try that you are not people and survive till the last.

When you take more and more Winner Winner Chicken Dinner(WWCD), then your rank rises very quickly. And you will soon be a BGMI Conqueror.

When you get into the top 500 on the whole server, then you have to play five matches. You can get the frame of Conqueror.

In this game, the BGMI update that has just come in July, it was found that they have also changed the ranking, which has become very difficult to confirm. First, let’s look at its ranking system of BGMI.

How To Push And Get Rank

  • You can kill when you start from the beginning so that your rank can improve as quickly as possible
  • Try in the beginning that you get more and more winning points, this will make it easier for you to go to Conqueror.
  • When you achieve diamonds you can play with your squad.
  • After Ace, you can play a little safe and complete your achievement.

If you like your game, then you can play with a little patience. So that your points are not lost and you get more and more benefits. Slowly keep pushing your rank and you can achieve BGMI Conqueror.

Its lite version is coming very soon and you will also know its final release date, after which you can play its lite version too. You have to wait a bit for this game for iPhone.


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