BGMI hackers: How to ban hackers in BGMI, Report for cheat and Permanent Ban

If you’re just pushing your ranks at BGMI, you’ll know how many hackers will be entering your lobby. These have now been done to the limit, they are necessary.

Hackers so will become as soon as possible and they want to bring the game without any cheating. Ban hackers in BGMI with Report for cheat.

How to ban hackers in BGMI

  • You go to the ranking system and report on the ID of any hacker.
  • Do the report only after all the details.
  • When playing the game, if a hacker is found, you can also exit from the lobby, not after sitting in the plane.
  • If a hacker dies in the middle of a game, you can also kill him from the right corner by spectating it.

You should follow some steps so that the hackers can be banned. Also, you can push your rank without any hackers.

Which option to choose for Permanent Ban

1. Cheating – There are also some options in cheating, which shows what kind of hack it is doing to him, so he gets ben quickly.

  • Auto-Aim
  • Wall-hack
  • Flying Vehicles
  • Other

2. Malicious AFK – When you choose this option then there are more chances that this player will be banned soon.

3. Other – Others choose because neither we nor they know that this player is playing hacks.

What will happen to Report

BGMI is also paying a lot of attention to these hackers so that they will become as soon as possible and they want to bring the game without any cheating.

That’s why hackers are getting killed more and more reports. So that the user can play more and more normal games. Along with this, it is also focusing on the light version of its launch date.

Can BGMI account be unbanned?

  • You must first make a report to the game.
  • After verifying it, you have to tell them why the ID got banned.
  • I will not do this from now on, after that do it.
  • This will give you a reply after 7 days of confirmation.
  • After that, your ID will be either Unban or Permanent Ban.

If you got your BGMI id banned due to the hack. Then you have to follow the above steps to unban it, and then you can playback to your BGMI. Krafton is paying a lot of attention to its BGMI lag problem.

You will get to see all the cheating of all of them and in this way, you can stop the cheats and make the hacks permanent. 

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