BGMI Lite news – BGMI Lite Release Date, Launch Date In India And Pre Registration, Now Official website

As you will know, it will release the BGMI Lite version which you will get to see soon and you will be able to play after the launch.

This news is coming out its and launch date and apk start soon. You will register then it will be automatically downloaded on your device after its release.

BGMI Lite release date in India

Game BGMI Lite
Release Date Leak 28 July 2021
Launch Date India Last days of July
Country India
Difference Click Here
Download Check Below
Install Android/Ios

This date is a leak by sources and confirmed by a famous Youtuber Official Sources. This date is original and launch on this and will soon download its pre-registration and APK. 

Launch Date and Pre-registration

The launch date is the Last Days of July, It is about pre-registration believed will soon in 3-4 Days. You will register then it will be automatically downloaded on your device.

It is believed that this can also be a pre-registration of the game. Due to which we will transfer the account of PUBG Mobile Lite to BGMI Lite.

What is difference between BGMI Lite and PUBG lite

Sr. BGMi Lite Pubg Lite
1.  Optimize version Light Optimize
2. Green Leaves Red Blood
3. Finishes Kill
4. For India Worldwide
5. Indian Server  Chinese Server
6. Krafton Tencent Games

This game is built by Krafton and a fully developed and official community in present this game. You will get to know the major difference in the same way as it will be found in the official BGMI full version.

In both games are major difference is BGMI lite release build for only Indian and it is related to only the Indian community.

BGMI Lite install and Download

You can check their official copy, after that, it is after the official announcement. It will come to download in a day or two, after which you will be able to play it official pre-registration.

Like you will download it, then you have to install it, after which you have to play it.

  • You can follow them to download it.
  • We will be able to play it comfortably on low-device.
  • When you download the Lite version, you have to install it first to play.
  • After which you will be able to play it easily.
  • After the first Pubg Mobile, another light version of it came.

It is believed that after this BGMI, another version will also come lite, Its data transfer will also be quick.

Features Of BGMI Lite Official website

Some features of its BGMI have been given, which will be easy to know after this game’s release date.

  • In This Game Dame will be low in BGMI lite release.
  • Reduce the size of this game approx 400Mb-500Mb.
  • The Royal Paas will come in 1 month and the season change in three months.
  • The Sensitivity will reduce 400 to 300, Because of Low device.
  • Four Type maps are available in this game two Classic and two Arcade and will play.

This feature Is not final because it does not officially release date BGMI lite, and it will be soon after you play BGMI lite. Lite game in Lag will be reduced and it will be stopped.

BGMI Lite news and Updates

For now, this news is coming out that it is believed that it will be released an update on 20th July.  Its launch you can play it on low-end devices too.

It is believed that this BGMI Lite will come with a new update. It will not be a very specific requirement in your phone, you will be able to enjoy it easily of update.

BGMI lite release date this news has been confirmed by the official Youtuber. So that you will get it after 05-07 days and the release date of its launch will be known soon.

There will be some differences and features between this game and the official game. So that we will be able to know it easily and see their features.


  1. Hey,I’m piyush and I’m playing pubg lite and I can’t play bgmi because the games of classic is too long and I’m waiting for bgmi lite

  2. Hey,I am Aryan I will play pubg lite it’s my favourite game I don’t like BGMI because map of classic is too long I wait for BGMI

  3. Mai bgmi me khel raha hoon mera device mi 5a hai please jaldi se bgmi liye nikalo mera mobile lag karta hai

  4. Actually am a girl gamer in pubg lite
    Bgmi is very good but lite version is also very good
    So I’m waiting for BGMI lite


  5. When pubg lite ban in india so I will so sad I think now pubg lite never unban then today I will see announced my bgmi lite version come back
    I will so much happy
    To see our indian pubg

    Thanks krafton

  6. Please BGMI LITE VERSION LANCH KARO PLEASE Kitna din VPN Sa khala LANCH KARO yarr kia Kar raha ho so raha ho kia please LANCH Kar do. Mujha 200 Bc send karo ID:7303629429

  7. Pleess BGMI reelis date batawo jaldi la do BGMI lit game indian nahi ayr ga to bahut bura lage ga

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