BGMI Official: The Fall Season Face-Off Day 1 Points Table Update and BGMI 1.6.0 Update, BGIS

This game has officially announced The Fall Season Face-Off Tournament which is going to take place on 16th and 17th November.

BGMI Official The Fall Season Face-Off Day 1 Points Table and BGMI 1.6.0 Update, BGIS
The Fall Season Face-Off going to be 2 days in which 18 teams are going to fight among themselves.

The Fall Season Face-Off Day 1 Points Table

Sr. Teams WWCD FP Total Points
1. Team JONATHAN 2 26 57
2. Team SNAX 0 32 52
3. Team SCOUT 0 19 49
4. Team KANIKA 1 24 47
5. Team INCOGNITO 0 23 46
6. Team PAYAL GAMING 0 14 35
7. Team LOLZZZ 1 15 32
8. Team GLOCK GAMING 0 18 31
9. Team GHATAK 0 17 30
10. Team VAADHIYAAR 0 16 23
11. Team NOVAKING 0 18 22
12. Team GOONIXON 0 9 21
13. Team MORTAL 0 9 20
14. Team KAZTRO 0 13 14
15. Team ALPHA CLASHER 0 5 14
16. Team KRONTEN 0 7 11
17. Team SHREEMAN 0 0 6
18. Team HARISHAV 0 2 5

The team that has been done is going to fight amongst themselves today, the one who wins will get very good prize money. Also he will be given a good record.

Price pool of this tournament

Its price is 4,50,000 which you have been told will be divided among the winners team. But it has not yet been told how that price will be divided.

This tournament will be of 2 days in which 18 teams are going to fight among themselves and it is going to be a very tough competition.

How long is The Fall Season Face-Off going to be?

This is going to be a 2-day match, the second will be played on November 16 and 17. Whoever the winners will be given a prizepool, along with the MVP player and teams.

BGIS is going to start soon, so that Indian teams will be able to play at the international level, so that the Asian Games will be able to play.

When will BGIS start?

BGIS 2022 is about to start in January, now hackers have been banned, now BGIS will be started soon. By which Indian team score will be selected in PMGC.

As you would know that BGMI has just recently given a new update. In which all the troubles have been shared and an update is yet to come, after that BGIS will start completely.

BGMI Lite Release Date in India

BGMI Lite release Date is January 2022 and And a lot of updates are also coming about its light. Fans is very excited about this BGMI Lite.

Because right now they are being told unofficially that this light version can be launched by the end of January.

Hope you get BGMI Lite soon as there are many players who play on low end devices. Which makes a difference to their playing, so they are asking for the lite version.

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