BGMI UPDATES: BGMI release date in india, new 1.5 0 download and install now

This is done to install bgmi, which shows that you will be able to download it, which is assuming that you will be able to install its final version.BGMI UPDATES BattleGrounds Mobile India, BGMI Pre-register Here, release date

Also, as soon as it is launched early, you will get free rewards and you will also know the release date of this BGMI.

BGMI release date?

Release Date 2 July 2021
Update Release Date 13 July 2021
Version 1.5 0 Patch Nodes

We have got its date from official sources, due to which we are thinking that it will come in public. 

👉 Download Now

Mortal and Dynamo revealed his release date through his tweet and Youtube. It is also believed that you will get its official release date on their official channel. Yes, you can also install BGMI from the play store.

BGMI 1.5 0 install play store link and apk only

To install it, you have to follow some steps normally, so that you will be able to play. If your phone has pre-registration, then it will be installed automatically from play.

  1. First of all, go to the play store on your mobile.
  2. Type battlegrounds mobile India 1.5 0 and search.
  3. Click on the first icon and click Next.
  4. You will come to install, clicking on which will install.

If you want to download it directly, then you can also do it from the article below. You Know BGMI Lite Release So that you will be downloaded directly from it.

How to Fix Glitch and Bug

It is quite easy to Glitch and Bugfix it because you will get it with this resource package to repair it, then fix it.  You have to open the game and follow these steps.

  1. First of all, you have to start the game normally, after that you have to turn off the net.
  2. On the right side, you have to go to this repair option.
  3. Click on it to do routine repair later 1.5 0 .
  4. Restart the game and turn on the net and the game will run without any glitches and bugs.

If you call it permanent fixing, then you have to repair all the resource packages of a game, after that, it will run smoothly.

Bgmi launch date in India official website

Bgmi launch date in India going to be in the 2end of July, Maybe that will be launch on this date what we thought. There has been a lot of hype about the launch of this game.

They have just uploaded a video on YouTube recently, in which he stated the date pre-registration 18 May confirmed.  The release date is that you will find it on Instagram or the website.

Trailer of this game

Anyway, now the trailer is coming in few days this week. It download link of this game will be given by the official on the day of the release of the BGMI Game.

By the way, The verified release on 02 July. Although we hope that this game will now BGMI install play store link and apk only so that we can play this game.

Now Pre-registration link Here

Now almost everyone has done pre-registration, many had done it with the start of it, if you want to register then you can. You can also search on your play store and it will get the name of the official krafton.

Recently, 6 teasers and 16 community posts of BGMI (Battlegrounds Mobile India) have been posted on Youtube channels and YouTubers.

A new update is coming out about this game, which has been told by Joe Crafton that he has 20 million pre-registrations.

You will be able to Pre-registration link is available on Store on 17 June and download it on your will also find the APK After BGMI release 1.5 0.

BGMI (BattleGrounds Mobile India) Vs PUBG Mobile

Changed the name from PUBG mobile to Battleground mobile India. Pubg mobile is a game that runs global, any player can play Store on it.

BattleGrounds Mobile India –

  • Hindi will be used in this game We will be able to download it comfortably after its release.
  • In the BGMI game, we will find characters wearing clothes, you can not remove clothes in this.
  • There will be no creation in it, only a bag will be available in it or you can get something else in the same way.
  • Hindi chat will be used in this game.
  • Only Indians are allowed.

We hope that BGMI will be released soon without any interruptions which is a very good thing for the game and India.


There will be no link to BGMI like Pubg. It has some different features which we will see only and only in it.

  • English used to be on mobile phones.
  • Could walk around without clothes in PUBG.
  • After the death in PUBG, create was made, out of which we could use some stuff.
  • It’s probably closed permanently.

Karfton Company has given many new opportunities for India to work with them to Indians. Go to Play Store Link Here For you can register yourself because all of this is the official release date, Also big updates are coming about this game.

About Of BGMI (BattleGrounds Mobile India) game

Tencent and Krfton had been made a game called PUBG Mobile game. The game will launch as a free-to-play experience on mobile devices. 

Download Now

Maybe this danger has been averted because he has not given any response yet and anyway he was a letter which is believed to have been rejected.

Privacy policies and laws of the game

BGMI(BattleGrounds Mobile India) 1.5 0 game With privacy and data security is a top priority. KRAFTON  (Offical) will be working with partners, to ensure data protection and security, at each stage.

This will ensure privacy rights are respected, and all data collection and storage will be in full compliance with all applicable laws and regulations in India and for players here.

BGMI 1.5 0 Update and date Now

BGMI is very aware of his privacy and takes a lot of security, which will prevent the game’s users’ data from being licked 1.5 0.


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