BGMI vs PUBG – what is difference between bgmi and pubg , Which Better game and Features

Games play an important role in their own place PUBG is quite right in its place it is a global version and it is made for BGMI games only in India.

Major Is Difference Between BGMI vs PUBG, we will compare the game with normal things. when it will be released publicly, then tell us.

To differentiate between these two games, we will compare BGMI vs PUBG with normal things. By which you will know what is the difference in this.

What Difference Between BGMI and PUBG

To differentiate between the two BGMI and PUBG, you have to compare the two about one thing. Some of these things are beans and some are different.

Difference BGMI PUBG
1. Country Only for India All World
2. Kill Show Finishes Shows Kills show
3. Blood Green And Yellow Show Red Blood
4. Security Issue No Yes
5. Audio Start Game then Sound No Warning Sound
6. Time Time Limit For Child No Time Limit

These are some major differences that you have come to see, in this you are yet to see some other changes.

Because its final version has not been launched yet. Well, less love will be there when its final weight is launched. As far as the news is coming through the official launch and sources that this BGMI game will be launched on 28th June.

Which is better BGMI or PUBG

It is very difficult to tell which of these is better because of BGMI vs PUBG, its game final version has not been released yet. Still, let us tell you there is some difference b/w.

  • In this, according to security, it is considered BGMI (Battleground Mobile India) and secure and due to pubg security, it is banned in many places.
  • Due to ping and network, this game is also ahead and many people play PUBG, so it is behind.
  • New updates come more in the global version so it is ahead and for India, BGMI is behind.
  • All servers of PUBG are available and servers are available only for India in the BGMI official game which is true for both of them.

As of now, we cannot tell which of these is the batter, later when it will be released publicly, then tell us.

Features of BGMI Update

This time new updates have been added which is very good for us and it imposes this limit for children. Along with this, there is a problem of some lag in this.

  • In this, we can not remove the clothes of normal characters.
  • It hasn’t been made public for everyone yet.
  • It is not yet finalized yet more updates are pending.
  • Security issues can be seen in this now.

These are some features and differences that we have come to see. If we compare BGMI vs PUBG, then it tells us a lot in general, And we can also see which one is better.

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