Entertainment: Best photos of malaika Arora, Instagram Photos

Malaika Arora Instagram in water has shared a picture on her Instagram, which fans are now sighing.

Malaika Arora, Outfit is wearing a gray shimmery mini dress. her social media showing her dancing skills, Malaika says she never wanted to act.

Malaika(@instagram) is often known for her performance, but this time she dropped the electricity from her acts. Malaika Arora Photo has posted a photo on her Instagram on Sunday welcoming summer. 

Malaika soaked in water

In this photo, Malaika Outfit is wearing a gray shimmery mini dress. In which Malaika’s style looks very hot.

Malaika is looking very beautiful in wet hair. Now people are praising him in this photo. Malaika Arora shared a yoga video on her Instagram, in which her fitness looked worth watching. Malaika was also praised in this video too.

Showed dancing skills

Earlier, Malaika Arora Dance shared a video on her social media showing her dancing skills. On 12 March 2011, he set a world record with 1235 contestants who performed on the song Munni Badnaam.

He shared a video while twerking which also went viral. After watching this video, it seemed that Malaika was in the mood for some fun after sweating in the gym.
The video while doing yoga was viral

Malaika arora relationship status

She married Bollywood actor-director-producer Arbaaz Khan, whom she met during a coffee aid shoot. He also has a boy named Arhaan.

But on 11 May 2017, both of them divorced. It is now reported that he is in a relationship with Bollywood actor Arjun Kapoor.

About Of Malaika Arora, Cute Lady

In 2010, he did the item song Munni Badnaam of the film Dabangg. The producer of this film was her husband Arbaaz Khan.

Malaika also endorsed Dabur 30 Plus. She says she never wanted to act. He performed live with Atif Aslam, Shaan, and Bipasha Basu at several concerts in Birmingham’s LG Ariana and London’s The O2 Ariana.

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