Health Facts: Benefits of rice?, drinking rice water, skin, What is rice?

Rice gives protein to our body, which keeps us healthy, Whether khichdi or sushi in Japan, rice is used in some form or the other throughout the world.

Benefits of rice, one type of rice also help in reducing obesity. It contains antioxidants and Important for the heart, Rice is very good for our skin

Basmati, sela, and many other types of rice are available in the market these days. But, do you know how beneficial the rice you say is to our body?

Benefits of rice, Body?

  • To lose weight
  • Good for skin
  • Rice gives you energy
  • Cancer prevention
  • Benefits of Rice to Stop Vomiting
  • Important for heart

1. To lose weight for body

Many people who are helpful in reducing obesity, quit eating rice while dieting, but do you know that one type of rice also helps in reducing obesity? Yes, this is wild rice. They contain very few calories and, therefore, eating a little wild rice can help to reduce your hunger, and not to consume too many calories in your body.

2. Good for skin

Rice is very good for our skin. Medical experts say that ground rice is good for application on the skin. Not only this, but it has also been told in Ayurveda that applying rice water to the skin cools the inflamed skin.

3. Rice gives you energy

Because rice contains carbohydrates, it is good for your brain and it gives you full energy. Toast sugar made from sugar cane and grind it. Taking lave powder, sugar, and honey mixed with it prevents diarrhea caused by blood and stomach heat.
Taking rice cooked with buttermilk provides relief in heat, excessive thirst, nausea problem, and diarrhea.

4. Cancer prevention

You may be surprised to know that rice can also prevent one type of cancer. If not, know that rice also protects against colon cancer. This is cancer that is under the intestine, and because of the fiber in rice, it can prevent cancer.

5. Benefits of Rice to Stop Vomiting

Rice paddy is very beneficial for the stomach. Vomiting is stopped by taking honey and ghee mixed in sattu made from paddy lava. Vomiting stops by mixing honey in the porridge of Shalidhan Lave.
Make an equal quantity of rice flour by taking an equal quantity of paddy slag, capita, honey. All types of vomiting and loss of appetite are cured by taking honey mixed with this powder.

6. Important for the heart

Rice contains antioxidants, which reduce cholesterol in the body, and because of this, it is good for the heart. Brown rice and wild rice are considered much better than white rice.

What is rice?

Rice is a type of grain, It is a straight, small, grassy plant. Its stem is 60–120 cm long, fibrous root, leafy, round and yellow in color.

  1. Its flowers are 8–12 mm long in bunches. Earrings are 7.5–12.5 cm long, single or 2–7 in clusters, often tilted downwards, green and bright golden yellow when ripe.
  2. We extract rice from this paddy. Their grains are white in color, which is called rice.
  3. In most places in India, once a year, and in some places, paddy crop is also taken two or three times a year. Apart from rice, there are many other products of paddy like Poha, Lava, etc.
  4. Brown rice is also known as brown rice. It contains carbohydrates, vitamin B. Manganese, phosphorus, iron, fiber, fatty acids, etc. is twice as much as white rice.

The age of the paddy plant is three to four months. Here all the benefits from rice or brown rice have been written in very easy words so that you can get full benefits from rice.

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