Health Facts: Girls period problems, Not coming properly?, Smell my period?, What is solution?

Some girls do not have menstruation until the age of sixteen. For this, they should be sent to the Clinic and get medical advice.

Health Facts Girls period problems, Not coming properly, Smell my period, What is solution
Girls period problems? What is the solution? In spite of changing panties regularly. Periods among teenagers, Failure to change pads and tampons

It may be that this blood is collecting somewhere inside his body. It may also happen that there is some defect in his reproductive organs or hormonal glands.

What are the problems of girls periods?

In this, the woman starts menstruation, but sometimes after the first time and sometimes after some problems,

  • Hemorrhagic insufficiency
  • Heavy bleeding
  • Stress before menstruation
  • Pain in the groin and pelvic
  • Spasms during menstruation
  • Monthly periods among teenagers

Some women experience severe pain like menstruation during menstruation. As long as there is bleeding, this pain also persists. This girls period problems usually start two to three years after the onset of girls’ menstruation.

What is the solution? Period problems

During the menstrual cycle, there is a change in the viscosity of the hormone when the level of the hormone increases and decreases. As you age and you reach around menopause

1. Hemorrhagic insufficiency

Six women get very little blood during menstruation. She understands that this does not cleanse her uterus completely. But at the time of menstruation, if some spots remain and sometimes it may be due to the fetus outside the uterus (ectopic pregnancy). Send Clinic to check it out.

2. Heavy bleeding

Some women have heavy bleeding during menstruation. They need to change more than usual cushions in a day or the bleeding continues for several days or both these Girls period problems occur together.

  • These women may complain of anemia.
  • Tell them to go to the Clinic when menstruation is not happening.
  • Doctors will not be able to examine them during menstruation.
  • Heavy bleeding can sometimes be caused by lumps or neoplasia in the uterus.

By the way, this is often due to hormonal disturbances. Some women are treated with E and P hormones, but some may need to remove the uterus. They require the help of the Clinic.

3. Stress before menstruation

A very common problem for women is a few days before menstruation. It is felt two to three days before and ceases when the bleeding starts. Symptoms are irritability, fatigue, frequent urination, pain in the head and pelvis, constipation, tension in the breasts and sometimes swelling in the feet.

All these symptoms are caused by the P hormone which increases the amount of water in the body. Ask each woman to take water and other drinks like tea, coffee, etc., and reduce the amount of salt in the food. Often this only ends his girls period problems.

-Solution of Stress

Pain relief pills can reduce pain. These medicines should not be taken on an empty stomach. Medications can be consumed again in 6 to 8 hours. The following measures can also be beneficial,

  • Eat less salt
  • Reducing caffeine content.
  • Eating whole grains such as oatmeal, soybeans, peanuts
  • Taking meat, milk, and other protein-rich food.

4. Pain in the groin and pelvic

Some women have pain in the waist and lower abdomen three or four days before menstruation.

  • It is also cured at the beginning of monthly.
  • Sometimes it can be the cause of the swelling in the pelvis.
  • But it is not necessary that this should happen.
  • Internal investigation of the woman is necessary to ascertain the cause.

Especially when the pain is too much and continues to be equal. The solution is to reduce pain with pain-relieving pills.

5. Spasms during menstruation

Some women experience severe pain like menstruation during menstruation. As long as there is bleeding, this pain also persists. Usually, this problem starts two to three years after the onset of girls’ menstruation and ends completely after the birth of the first child.


Pain-relieving pills can relieve pain by reducing pain. If the pain persists even after eating the medicine, the woman needs to be sent to Clinic. They may reduce pain.

  • Rub the lower abdomen with a light hand. This opens bigger muscles.
  • Fill hot water in a bottle, Wrap him in a cloth.
  • Then compress the stomach, Use home remedies like celery, etc.
  • Try some exercise and take a walk can also help.

The reason for this has not been known, but the imbalance of hormones can be a major reason. Keep doing everyday tasks, but do not carry heavy burdens such as wooden bundles, grain sacks

6. Monthly periods among teenagers

Complete disappearance of menstruation. In this, the girl does not have menstruation. This may be the reason why the uterus or ovarian glands are not fully developed. Disorders of the thyroid or pituitary gland can also cause further girls period problems.

There are rare instances in which a woman is a eunuch. Since there is no cycle of hormones in his body, there is also no ovulation.

Smell my period? What is the solution?

If this Smell starts coming more, then it can also become a danger. In spite of changing panties regularly, consuming a healthy diet, and taking bath daily.

If you feel a strange smell below, then there can be a serious infection in this stage. Let us know what are the types of smell coming from the vagina.

Solution- If you do not carry out proper cleaning procedures after defecation, you may suffer from a bacterial infection. Cleaning from back to front can cause bacterial movement and infection in the vagina.

  • If you are having periods, it is natural to smell like blood.
  • This smell starts coming just a few days before the period.
  • When your period blood is mixed with natural air, it will definitely smell, so do not be disturbed.

Girls period problems Failure to change tampons and pads for a very long time can also cause a stink. To avoid this, change them frequently.

Note:- All this information is taken from other resources, before taking them into use, please consult your doctor.

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