How To BGMI Ignition rolling out: New BGMI Update 1.5 0, Install apk obb available on Play Store?

By today’s time, its update will come and if we want to download it together then you will get it normally in the play store or inside the game itself.

How to download BGMI and New Bgmi Update 1.5 0 apk obb available on Play Store?
It is believed that it will be fully released in July and the updates that are to be patched will be completely done.

Updates of BGMI have arrived, They have come to the official play store on her mobile. It’s having some trouble updating this time. Let us know how to install it.

BGMI New Update and Install

Official Game BGMI (Battleground Mobile India)
New Update 1.5 0 Update
Download Link Check Bottom
Size 142 MB to 1 GB
Release Date/Launch 13 July 2021
Files apk+obb
Update Download Patch

When you go to its official website, then you have to face the problem in its download config. To update it, you need an obb and apk files.

How To BGMI Ignition rolling out 1.5 0 update

Do you know what is the new update in it and what has been changed and how to update it, let’s know?

  • You will now get an M249 gun in it with normal loot after the Ignition rolling out.
  • A new gun has been added which is MG3, now instead of M249, it will be available in the airdrop.
  • MG3 is a light machine gun with good firepower but a high reload after the Ignition rolling out.
  • Healing consumable, you can throw it to your team or friend.
  • There have also been tier changes, which you will see after Ace.
  • The Erangel gets a mission ignition mode which is more high-tech.

A lot has been changed in some vehicles and some buddies in its new update, which becomes quite an interesting game.

Still, some new updates are yet to come inside it and this is the new leak and talk. Those coming from the official side have also posted on the official social account.

BGMI download and Update 1.5 0

If you want to download it, then you will get it while running the game. You will get it on the Play Store BGMI, You will find its link below.

  • You have to go to this site and apk.
  • Now you have to download it and open it on mobile.
  • When you install on the previous BGMI, this new update will be installed.
  • If it still doesn’t happen then you will get the update 1.5 0  after playing this game after Ignition rolling out.

You can also install its apk and obb and download it and you can play easily. Or you can do a little wait.

Some New Features In BGMI

Some new features have been added to it. That makes the game much more interesting and is believed to be more than a global update in this game.

  1. You will also find some robot dogs inside it.
  2. It will get a flying vehicle that is quite high, and some guns have also been added after Ignition rolling out.
  3. Some new trains and trucks are also A and new Tesla has also arrived.
  4. Some new high-tech places have also been told.
  5. The name appears in 3-D when landing.

After this update 1.5 0, you will also get the option of auto jump and the pouch will automatically reach that place.

It will expire in July and also you can play it with the new Royal Pass, inside it the Royal Pass comes in 1 month. People who like clothes and royal passes will definitely like this and new updates as well.

Now you carefully install and update this because these files are mostly and rare changes in and damage and unsecured After Ignition rolling out.

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