North Korean Ruler Kim Jong-Un Changed So Much Why

North Korean state media reported that Kim Jong-un has spoken of increasing diplomatic relations. will adopt a new approach to inter-Korean relations.

North Korean Ruler Kim Jong-Un Changed So Much Why
Rule Of North Korean Kim Jong-Un

Two weeks before the oath ceremony of the new US President, he hosted a party meeting. The eighth meeting of the ruling Workers Party comes at a time. when talks on North Korea’s nuclear and missile programs have been stuck for a long time in return for relief from US sanctions.

Official media KCNA said that on the third day of this meeting, on Thursday. Kim Jong-un raised the issue of building relations with South Korea according to the current situation. Time of exchange and discussed foreign policy.

Rule Of North Korean Kim Jong-Un

According to Kasian, he announced that his party’s policy and direction would be focused on enhancing.

  • developing foreign relations.
  • Professor Yang Moo-jin of the University of North Korean Studies in Seoul from the news agency.
  • Reuters said that he was trying to play a more active role in relations between South Korea.
  • The United States As well as successful trials of the Intercontinental Ballistic Missile (ICBM) in 2017.

Donald Trump And Kim Jong-Un

yoga conferences with Trump were full of confidence. “It seems they are currently considering how to maintain a relationship with the Biden government,” Yang said. Despite a freeze on nuclear and ICBM testing in 2018.

North Korea continued to increase its weapons and introduced its largest ICBM at the October parade. On Wednesday, Usam spoke of taking legal capabilities to a “higher level”. Inter-Korean relations increased to some extent during the 2018 summit but relations again soured as nuclear talks stalled.

Gov. OF North Korea

An official in Seoul’s Ministry of Uniformity reported that this was the first time North Korea had used the term ‘South Korea case’, commonly referred to as ‘North-South Relations’. Now governments are watching the government by choice.

Kim also discussed ways to usher in “a new golden age” in the socialist culture campaign. Pyongyang has expanded the booklets on external information. A new law was enacted last month that banned foreign goods that could generate practical consideration.

Kishan pointed out that Usam called for “to establish his entire and revolutionary lifestyle in all spheres of social life and to eliminate the non-socialist elements altogether.”

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