Rubina failed captivity? Family members out

Rubina failed captivity? Family members out

He has been made a captain to experience these responsibilities. But it seems that the householders are not liking Rubina’s captivity.

In last weckend, Recently salman Khan is made captin of house. Salu removed this Captain directly from Ali Goni and gave it to Rubina without gives any reason. This is that he argued that if She always does as captain, then she should realize its responsibilities.

Almost all the members of the household are doing evil of the captivity of Rubina Of Big Boss. Even on Tuesday’s episode, Best Think of big boss when the Balloon task was given. The rights contestants expelled Rubina from the race for captivity.

What Difference With bigg boss of Rubina

Actually, in that balloon task, the householders had to make sacks of the names of the contestants. Who they want to get out of the race of the Captaincy. In this task, other members including Rahul Vaidya, Arshi Khan, made a sack in his name to get Rubina out of the race of captivity and hang around Baloon.

Ejaz Khan, sitting inside Balloon, also decided to expel Rubina from the race of the Captaincy and her name was completed by the sack. Although this task is still not completed, it can be inferred from the mood of the family that they are in the fight of Rubina.

New Name Of Becoming Captain

Its Ok , In this new game of becoming Captain, apart from Rubina Dilac, Ejaz Khan’s name has also been left out. According to Bigg Boss Khabri, in this task Vikas Gupta’s head is going to decorate the crown of Captain. In the coming week, we will know who will be the new captain of this house.

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Many times the family members have also been heard saying that Rubina and Abhinav have survived due to their fans in the nomination. They both do nothing inside the house.

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