Sandeep Nahar: Sandeep Nahar Is No More, Written suicide note, biography, kanchan sharma

Sandeep Nahar is no more, who used to do acting very well and he has also worked in Bollywood, he is no more.

Sandeep Nahar Sandeep Nahar Is No More, Written suicide note, biography
Sandeep Nahar is no more, who used to do acting very well and he has also worked in Bollywood, he is no more.

Sandeep Nahar has put a suicide note which is telling a lot on social media that they are saying that they are not going to the district anymore.

Sandeep Nahar’s suicide note

Sandeep Nahar Writes

“meri family ko mere jane ke baad koi problem na de ..mai apne mummy daddy ko thanks kehana chahta ho kyonki unhone mujhe wo sab kuch dia jo mai chahta tha mera actor ban ne ka sapna pura kia 🙏❤️aaj mei jo ho sab unki wajay se ho. mujhe pta aap sab log bol rhe honge to unke liye kyn nhi jitaa ..mai jita agar mei single hota mujhe pta jine ke liye bahaduri chahiye bt abhi to mai bus apne mummy daddy se maafi mangta ho us har pal ke liye jab mene unka dil dukhaya mai yanha unhe proud feel karne ke liye aayaa tha.

or mumbai ne mujhe kaam bohat dia is Maya nagari ko bhi thanks karna chahta🙏bt is Maya nagari bollywood me bhi bohat politics hai apka bus umide dekar apka waqt khaa jate hai or baad me project se replace kar dete hai wo bhi sab kuch hone ke bad agreement hone baad yanha log bhi bohat prectical hai no imotion bus dikhawe ki jhooti life me jite hai ..

Sandeep Nahar Writes In English

“I am upset. Abuses my family. Abuses my mother. I am unable to pick up the phone of the people in front of him. Connects my name to anyone. She doubts me a lot. There is no cure for doubt. Fights all the time. She ran away from home recently. I started searching again. Its mother accompanies it. Threatens to do a case. ”

Sharing the video, Sandeep wrote, “#suicide #note is no longer desiring to live. See a lot of happiness and sorrow in life. Faced every problem, but the trauma I am going through today is beyond badass. I know that suicide is cowardice. I also had to live, but what is the benefit of living like this where there is no peace and self-respect. My wife Kanchan Sharma and her mother Vinu Sharma, who did not understand me and tried to understand that my wife was a hyper nature. Her personality is different and mine is different, which does not match at all. ”

Sandeep further wrote, “Everyday affliction, morning and evening, I have no power to bear it. There is a mistake of Kanchan in this because his nature is such that he feels all normal, but to me, it is not normal. I have been in Mumbai for many years, saw a very bad time but never broke. ”

Wife Of Sandeep Nahar

Sandeep Nahar(@instagram) is wife’s name is Kanchan and the actor said that he might take an adverse step to end his life as he is quite exhausted coping with the toxic relationship that he shares with his wife Kanchan Sharma. Nahar stated that Kanchan and he fight almost daily on petty issues, and in turn, it is affecting his professional life too.

Biography Of Sandeep Nahar

Sandeep Nahar is 32 years old And his wife’s name Kanchan, He has achieved a lot in his life, he had also worked with great people.  He had also worked in big films such as MS Dhoni with Kesari and Susanth.

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